[Notice] 2015 UIAA License

사무국 | 2014.11.28 14:45

Competitors without UIAA Valid License will not be allowed to compete!




Requirement for registration : Those competitors age 16 or more than 16 whose Federation has applied for a 2015 UIAA License

※ The competitors who want to participate in any UIAA events during 2015 season should apply for the license on UIAA website <> through their federation before registering for the event.


Team Quotas

- Each National Federation : 8 male and 8 female competitors for each category

- The Host Federation : 24 male and 24 female competitors for each category

- The first 8 Women and Men listed on the World Ranking at the registration deadline shall have a status of extra-quota competitors and can be registered on the top of the quota stated above. Any other supplementary participants need to be approved by UIAA