The Long-awaited Final game‘s results!!

사무국 | 2011.01.09 18:41

Just now, Cheongsong ice climbing worldcup men and women Lead qualification final games are finished. the final winner of men lead qualification is Bendler markus from austria and the final winner of women lead qualification is Tolokonia maria from russia.

Like a final game, all of the players do their best and the level of games are of a high order. in the cheongsong ice-valley, Because the winter wind blew hard all day long, every players hard trouble in climbing. spectators give applaud all players who challenged the last minute.

After Awarding and Closing ceremony, The first asia continent ice climbing world cup , participating in 25 nations , 119 players come to an end finally. begining with the technical meeting and opening ceremony on 7. jan, 2011, until today's final game, Here, Cheongsong , is a festival venue of the people who love climbing and enjoy challenges. even if strong wind and cold weather, During the period of ice climbing world cup, every players enjoyed their games and every spectators encouraged all of the players. It is so impressed that climbers who came from various nations make into one by challenging ice wall of korea.

The history of ice climbing in korea can take another long step in advance owing to 2011 cheongsong ice climbing world. All of the officials and staffs will make greater efforts to be the world class ice climbing festival. we would like to praise our official sponsor(the North face)'s supporting and local resident's hospitality.