Men and Women Lead Qualification's semi-final results

사무국 | 2011.01.09 14:16

Until noon, Lead qualification of men and women are ended. the final players ready to play their last game.

the world ranking No 1 player, Marcus Bendler is ranked No.1 at the semi-final. there is no one who climbed the top but male player's socres are evenly distributed. the final men Lead qualification is expected to be a close-game.

both of korean climbers, whose name is Jung Won jo and Park Hee Yong, will compete the final stage of Men lead qualification.

In Women's Lead qualification, as same as yesterday, an Iralian climber, Rainer Angelika is ranked 1st place. Today women's qualification was very chellenging. so two players climbed the top. one is Rainer Angelika(7'36'') and the other is Tolokonina Maria from Russia(8'55''). Korean women climbers got a good result. Shin woon sun and Jeong Woon Wha raise their name on the final list of women lead qualification. It is so meaningful result as the first asia venue of ice climbing worldcup.