Men and Women speed Qualification Result(Final)

사무국 | 2011.01.08 22:16

Just now, Men and women's speed qualification final competition have wraped up finally.

the final winner of men speed qualification is vlasov Maxim from russia(men), and

the final winner of women speed qualification is Bagaeva Irina from russia(women).

I know this time is so late and the weather is too cold to enjoy playing

but Every players do their best on the ice wall at the last minute. it is so impressed.

I would like to applaud all of the players. The speed section has some differences. It is progressed quick time within 1 minute and also be conducted as a tournament. the game is very exciting and dynamic.

and late at night, players lose their power and energy. players need more mental power than at anytime .

Under this unfavorable conditions they do their best at the last minute. Not only winners but all of the players deserve all honor. first day of 2011 ice climbing worldcup ended. But also tomorrow more chellenge are keep going on the spot